Natalie J Wood

Bringing Colour
to Clay

Welcome to Bringing Colour to Clay, an online library of personal research from ceramicist Natalie J Wood. An ever expanding resource, currently containing 84 samples of body colouring clay.

Body colouring involves adding or directly to the . The colours are mixed into the clay and sieved through a fine mesh to create a consistent colour. The colour of the clay is determined by the amount of clay to colourant, the colour of the original base clay or slip used, the firing temperature and the .

All of the recipes throughout this website are free to use and develop. As small changes can affect the colour it is best to thoroughly test in your own kiln before selecting colours for production. Please share any results online using the hashtag #Bringingcolourtoclay.

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History of the project

This project is inspired by the sharing of information, materials research, documentation and preservation of samples for future generations.


Natalie J Wood

Natalie grew up in the industrial town of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Her great, great grandfather was a kiln man and worked for one of the many Kirkcaldy potteries. As a child she would run up and down the aisles of the tile store her mother worked at for over 20 years.

In 2015 Natalie graduated with a degree in Three Dimensional Design with a specialism in ceramics, before moving to Edinburgh to establish her own practice.

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